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Assignment 3: Re-appropriating images

For this assignment we have been asked to identify an example of re-appropriation within visual communication. I have chosen to consider a re-appropriation of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring. The re-appropriation is a digital creation by Vienna based artist Dorothee Golz. In the post that follows I consider both images and collate notes ready for the assignment, a 1,00 word essay reflecting on questions from the workbook…

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Project 4: Exercise 4 Cutting Edge

So this exercise feels like an bit of an odd end to part three of this module. It’s about considering and finding examples of new forms of media, can be games, video, other interactive media, which I consider cutting edge or inventive forms of visual media.

I’d like to take a moment to say I am not massively cutting edge – I still think Instagram and Twitter feel like fairly new versions of media, they haven’t really existed for that long now have they!?

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Project 4: Exercise 3 ~ Visual conventions for time and place

In this exercise I needed to;

find examples of different visual conventions used to convey time/or place/space – frame by frame storytelling, handling of perspective, use of speech bubbles – from different time periods.

I also needed to use the exercise to develop research skills through the use of OCA online resources, websites, or visiting local libraries.

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Project 4: Exercise 2 ~ Knitting Patterns

This is perhaps one of the stranger exercises I’ve had to do for Uni work. In this exercise I’ve been asked to research contemporary and historical examples of where and how knitted items have been represented. I began with a mind map of my own instant thoughts on knitting and it’s associations.

Knitting brain storm









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Project 4: Time and Place ~ Exercise 1

In approaching this project, and more specifically this exercise I realised something. Okay I realised a couple of things; one that I’m not massively aware of what is new or now in visual/contemporary culture, two that I needed to figure out how to find out what is new or now. Cue frantic online searching of various illustration, contemporary visual culture magazines. I came across one magazine, Wrap, that I liked the look of which professed to be interested in contemporary illustration.  I  also began looking into the websites and magazines listed in my course guidance.

Front cover illustration by Ping Zhu. For Wrap magazine, issue 11 'Balance'. Photo credit: Christy Archer.

Front cover illustration by Ping Zhu. For Wrap magazine, issue 11 ‘Balance’. Photo credit: Christy Archer.

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