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Project 13: ‘Feel’s Like Home’ – Combination Prints

In my last post (http://movedbybreath.com/printmaking/project-13-idea-development/) I mentioned towards the end of the post, wanting to take a bit of a risk and try a different combination print to what I first thought would work.

More on the process here:

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Project 13: Further idea development

Following on from looking at Edward Hoppers work I took some photo’s of the outside of my house in different lights to see how this changed the feel of looking into the house through windows or doors.

I then used these photo’s to make black and white back pen drawings of elements of the house that I thought could be drawn together to create a design for the lino print. I wanted to keep these black and white so I could think about shapes/lines before thinking about colour schemes for any prints.

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Project 13: Research – Edward Hopper

I’m still thinking about the concept of or phrase ‘feels like home’, just pondering what do I feel about this home, what is it I want to convey through the print. As this project requires a series of prints I think that allows for different prints that represent different response to home. As I was considering this I came across an article in a magazine I was given that shed some interesting light.

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