Tutor Report – Assignment 3

I’m not going to post the whole of my tutor’s feedback on here as the post will be too lengthy for me or anyone reading to process properly. Instead I’ll start with the overall comments and then talk about what I’m needing to change or learn from moving forward into Assignment 4. 

Overall Comments

 Overall your prints for assignment 2 have been completed to a reasonable standard. I feel your work has dropped slightly in effectiveness of outcome from the last assignment, this is due to the final prints of projects 8 and 10 being too formally rigid and not achieving effective outcomes from your initial ideas. However your ideas are building well and I believe you have the ability to improve your final prints through thinking about effective formal considerations and taking risks with your compositions.

As much as I wish that I could disagree with the tutors feedback (as in I would’ve liked to have improved since the last assignment) I think his remarks are spot on. I did fail to achieve what I had set out to do in the ideas stage in projects 8 & 10. My tutor is also spot on in pointing out the cause of this in suggesting the remedy .

” I believe you have the ability to improve your final prints through thinking about effective formal considerations and taking risks with your compositions.”

I didn’t allow myself adequate time for considering  how I would realize my ideas fully in a final print in projects 8 & 10. I think partly this was due to me feeling like I needed to rush to meet the deadline after moving it forward due to being ill. But it was also due to me not managing my time in such a way as to carve out the space to consider ideas more thoroughly. Whilst I’m managing my time effectively in getting my assignments done to a deadline, I’m not fully managing how I spend the time getting there.

My problem is how do I do that? Should I divide the time I spend on each project evenly according to the deadline (this is what I’ve tried to do). Should I allocate within each project’s time frame days to; research – do drawings, observational work , look at artists etc, Develop initial ideas, Experiment with/develop ideas further, Print the final image. How do I decide which stage should have the most time? Clearly I’m not giving enough time at the moment to considering the format of the print (i.e. size, shape, size of border created by paper).

His comments about Project 8’s downfall are helpful in understanding what to develop:

The first decision for this print is the initial format that you choose to work in, in this drawing the scale has helped to create a panoramic effect, your preparation drawings have changed the format to a more regular A4 proportions that diminishes the sense of unfolding in the landscape.

Further thoughts/questions

One question I have after reading the feedback and seeing my tutor’s desire for me to take more risks is – what does he consider risk taking to be? Does he mean bolder shapes? Bolder colours? Different formats i.e. larger or odder shapes to just A4 or shapes constrained by paper? Or is he referring to subject choice? Or a wider variety of marks or colours present in the print. Perhaps all of the above?

In his closing comments one sentence caught my eye:

“there still needs to be a sense of greater ambition and intensity when developing your subject and composition”

Artists to consider/learn from : Paula Rego & Eileen Cooper RA

That’s all my thoughts for now…

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