Review of Personal work towards ‘Assignment 1 Monoprints’

Demonstration of technical and Visual Studies

I would place my work between a low B and a mid C for demonstration of technical skills and I feel my work shows clear attempts at the required techniques and at times a good level of thought/contemplation of design and compositional skills. I would say that I need to make better use of my sketchbook as a place to draw up designs/compositional arrangements for prints, rather than experimenting as I go and commenting in my learning log. I don’t think I was consistent enough in this area to describe my work as displaying ‘complete fluency of technical and visual skills’ (A standard).

Quality of Outcome

I would place my work in the C to D category for quality of Outcome. The first two projects are quite weak in terms of presentation; you can see finger prints and rough edges on the prints. I did improve my presentation and my ability to apply technical knowledge as I went along, and think that project four is professionally presented and clearly communicates the concepts I had intended to express.  As the whole assignment doesn’t display ‘outstanding, highly effective’ work throughout I’ve counted myself out of the A-B categories. I think at times I’ve worked at a D level where I struggled to marry up my ideas and communication of visual ideas with good presentation, but this again is in the starting projects. By the third and fourth project I think there is visible improvement.

Demonstration of Creativity

I think I would say I fall in between the B and C grading for this element of the assignment. I think I took risks early on in the assignment with my use of colour, bold mark making, different papers. Whilst perhaps the subjects of the prints aren’t too imaginative in that often they were influenced by nature or objects rather than my imagination I think I allowed myself to be creative with colour and size of these, adding a personal voice in the style of the prints. I wasn’t aiming for the prints to give perfect depictions of life like subjects rather a feel or flavour, I think that demonstrates me looking for a personal voice. I wouldn’t describe all my risks as successful or powerful evidence of a personal voice so again I think this eliminates me from the higher grading.


I think my learning log (blog) and sketchbook are okay for this assignment but are in need of improvement. I would say they do provide evidence of continual self reflection, that’s a strong point. But that research and developed intellectual understanding were not strong and for that reason I would expect a C or D in this part of the marking. I think this is largely due to adjusting to using the sketch book and learning log regularly, particularly the sketchbook which does resemble a scrap book rather than a living record of exploration at the moment. These are thing I will look to improve next assignment. Research was generally limited to photographs from life and online searches apart from towards the end of the assignment when I began visiting Galleries. I think that this shows research is a weak part of the assignment.

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