Project 8: layer two of reduction print

Having managed to get four decent quality print of the first layer I was happy to move onto cutting the second layer.

The second layer before printing

The second layer before printing

I had thought of printing the second layer in a light blue thinking the light blue and pale green would make a sort of turquoise colour when layered on top of each other. But to be on the safe side I tried it out first on a print I’d done of the first layer which hadn’t come out as well as expected. The result is visible in the photo below:

Second layer with light blue ink

Second layer with light blue ink

This isn’t the look I was hoping for! Whilst the blue is a nice bright sky blue (which works well for the sky) it looks pretty odd on the fields and the stone work. I also found a few marks where I’d not quite cut away the lino as fully as needed, so I cleaned the lino and cut a few more parts away before printing again.

I wanted a blue that had enough green in it to work on top of some of the fields to give the appearance of areas of forest but was still able to resemble sky and the river in the print. When mixing blue again this time I used a green ink and blue ink together before adding some white. Doing it this way I ended up with a darker greener blue. You can see the result below:

Layer 2 - Dark blue Artist Proof

Layer 2 – Dark blue Artist Proof

Again I tested the colours on a print that hadn’t gone well in the first run so as not to ruin any of the good prints. I think this colour gave the desired look for the forests, perhaps more green than blue, but I think the sky is still clearly the sky. I was satisfied that this worked so began printing it on top of the first layer run’s which were of better quality:



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