Project 8 – early ideas/research


I’m trying to adjust how I let myself work towards projects. So rather than me being bound by what the project requires I’m trying to allow my thoughts/ideas work towards the project rather than be constrained in order to get the perfect print.

With that in mind I wanted to start by talking about some photo’s I took on holiday a couple of months ago which capture something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve been thinking about what it means to stand above something and look down on it, about seeing my life like a vast plain with lots of elements in it that stretch out far and wide, but are in my sight not beyond me.

These photo’s were taken looking over the edge of a viewing point in an area called Symonds Yat.

photo from Symonds Yat - using wide angle camera lens

Photo from Symonds Yat – using wide angle camera lens

I like the circle boundary given by the wide angle lens here, but I think that it gives the idea of the view being restricted which isn’t what I wanted to show in my print, so I’d re-do this in a print without the edge of the lens in view. I do like the stone wall being visible, it shows you the view point the image was taken from, you get that feeling of elevation.

Symonds Yat - Two

Symonds Yat – Two

Again, I like that in this photo the stone wall is visible and you get a idea of the height from which the area of land is being viewed. It’s also interesting to have the river just off center, it gives more of a flow to it than if it’s smack bang in the middle of the image.


Symonds Yat - Three

Symonds Yat – Three

The above photo gives less of a feel of the height from which you’re seeing the landscape stretch out before you. But it gives more of a focus to the layout of the land and you can make out houses, some kind of church spire, distant hills. I like that you can see more detail here of human life, but I don’t like the dominance of the forest on most of the left hand side of the photo.


Symonds Yat - River One

Symonds Yat – River first view

The photo above and the one below focus more on the river, the way it curves/carves into the heart of the land. If you look a little closer you can see something crossing the river, and that gives a nice touch, like there’s a glimpse of life going on and the role the river plays in providing life to the area. The second view shows more of the details in the horizon, which probably fits more with my idea of showing something of elevation.


Symonds Yat - River second view

Symonds Yat – River second view

I think it’s also important to note that the clarity of the day aids the idea of things being visible across a large area of land or kingdom if you like. If it had been a cloudy day or misty or grey then visibility would’ve decreased and you’d en up with area’s of land, houses, people lost in the shadows out of view. Maybe it would be interesting to try and depict the same scene but in contrasting conditions, one in clear weather one in pretend cloudy/stormy weather to show how that changes visibility.

Artist at work

Artist at work

I’ve included this because I really enjoyed seeing someone working in real time on a landscape. It made me regret that I hadn’t brought my own sketchbook that day and done my own studies, it just seemed easier to take the camera, but there is something in the painting in the moment, and just capturing what your eye sees in that moment.



Restaurant and Warehouse in Gloucester Quays

Restaurant and Warehouse in Gloucester Quays

This is just a photo I took whist in Gloucester Quay’s, i was just taken by the design of the restaurant, it’s simplicity, the way it has that industrial feels but the rust colour and blue of the sign give a certain flair. Not sure that it’s something I’d want to make a lino print out of but I just really liked it.



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