Project 8: Critical Statement

Warning long post….

I chose to base my print on a drawing/watercolour painting I’d done in a sketchbook that captured a concept I was interested in namely, being able to look at an expansive landscape from a place of height or elevation and therefore see it stretch out before you. I wanted to explore how when you see a landscape from a high place your eyes, or your camera (if you’re looking to capture it with a camera), only take in a certain amount of what’s really there, there’s much more to the landscape than what you can see in one look. This is what inspired me to create a frame within the print to act as the boundary for what your eye can see or a camera can capture, so that the area outside of the frame (I continue the landscape outside of the framed area) would represent there being more to the landscape than you can see at first. Adding the frame was something that occurred to me at the point of cutting the lino for printing, so it doesn’t feature on my design, but I chose to go ahead with it as it served my idea for the print better than the designs I had initially made.

I found colours tricky overall. My basis for the colours was fairly straight forward – I wanted the colours to make it clear to the audience they were looking at a green/healthy landscape, besides that I wasn’t too sure how to approach the colours. I thought it would be good to demonstrate a few different greens/ a blue to show the variety in the landscape and distinguish wooded areas from fields and the sky from the ground. I thought that white cut away areas would form the basis the lines/layout of the landscape helping people to distinguish where different fields were or stone work etc. I allowed myself to test colour combinations before printing on best quality print run’s so that I could determine which shade of blue would sit well over the green to give a balanced image. This helped me to decide on colours for the overall image, although looking back I could have given this more consideration and experimented with colour combinations further.

Overall I think the final print reflects my subject/concept well, it’s certainly clear that the landscape continues outside of the internal frame. The final print is darker than I had initially planned it to be, but this doesn’t seem to add a sense of foreboding or suggest I’m trying to convey a frustration with landscape. In fact I think it helps to distinguish features in the landscape, like forest areas, the sky, and the white of the clouds, which helps the balance of the print overall. I think the quality of the print and registration could still be improved but is of a good standard.

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