Project 8: Completed reduction method lino print

I felt fairly happy with how the second layer had printed so began cutting my lino ready for the final layer of black edges/highlights on the print.

Third and final layer of reduction print linocut.

In my original drawing/design for the print I had planned to do much more black, for instance I’d planned on keeping in the tree/branch in the right hand corner. But as you can see I’ve cut it away, this is because as I looked at the print I felt this would be too dark and that the branch suited being a green/blue.

Below are three completed prints incorporating all the layers of the reduction method print.




You’ll notice a few areas where registration of the print wasn’t perfect on each layer, but I think at times this does add a little definition to aspects (like the clouds which have a slight light green edging on the top right hand print) of the print. Overall I think the colour combination and the registration has given a mainly professional finish. It does look like a darker image than initially planned, more like it’s a night time view than a day time one now. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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