Project 7: Multi-Block Linoprint

I began this project this week, later than I’d wanted to but delayed by a holiday. I used my time on Holiday to do some sketching and collecting of objects in the hope that these would be inspiring now, or later.

I found a lot a interesting feathers while on Holiday, and thought these would make an interesting basis for the Multi-Block print. I took some photo’s of these feathers and decided to print them out and pin them onto a pin board as a sort of inspiration board for when it came to drawing designs.

I also included on my pin board some Artist I’d looked at in earlier projects. Namely Mark Heralds’ sunflowers print – because I really like the shapes within it and the sense of intrigue it creates/fun element. This print had influenced an single colour lino print earlier and I still felt inspired by it.

I also included some multicolored lino prints by Angie Lewin – notably the prints which showed her working with the subject of feathers. This was to help me think of ways to look at the subject.

Here’s a photo of my inspirational pin board:

Photo's of feathers and artist inspiration

Photo’s of feathers and artist inspiration

I allowed this pin board to inspire drawings and design for a multi-block lino print.  I’ll write about those in a minute.


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