Project 6: ‘Strange Flowers’ Lino Print

I wanted to allow myself time to explore how this print looked on a range of papers, the papers vary in thickness, texture, color but are all the same size, so that the image is always framed in the same way. I know I could experiment with how the sits on the paper (as in how large a border I create round the image with the paper), but I wanted to experiment with the type of paper first. Maybe I’ll try different sizes of paper another time. I’ll write a bit about each print.


'Strange Flower' Print on Dotted Paper

‘Strange Flower’ Print on Dotted Paper



The paper is a piece of wrapping paper I kept from a present awhile ago. I wanted to see how the dot’s would look inside the white area of the print. I think it works really well, the dots don’t cover the whole paper so there’s still a sense of space within the image. I also really like the way the dots frame the outside of the printed area. I think its a really fun print, and I’d love to try more like it in the future.


'Strange Flower' Print on Tiziano paper

‘Strange Flower’ Print on Tiziano paper

This paper is called ‘Tiziano’ paper, it’s a sample of paper for pastels. It’s described as “a rough grainy paper made from cotton and cellulose – 160gsm” I was mainly attracted by the colour. I’m really pleased with this, I think the print sits well on the paper, perhaps it would have a crisper print if made using a printing press. But I quite like the lightness of the ink, it brings out the texture in the paper. i think there’s room for some further experiments with pastel paper in the future.


'Strange Flowers' Print on Tela paper

‘Strange Flowers’ Print on Tela paper

This print is on a paper designed for Oil painting. It has a fabric impression, which gives it a similar look and feel to linen. I like the way printing on fabric can give a lovely texture so wanted to try this. It’s interesting how the print looks very faded, and lifting the lino off the paper the imprint of the paper in terms of leaving a texture on the ink was interesting. Up close it kind of reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein prints made up of all those little dots. I decided I wanted to try printing with the impression left by the paper so my next print was taken without applying more ink to the lino block.



'Strange Flower' print on Green paper

‘Strange Flower’ print on Green paper

In hindsight looking at this it would’ve made a much stronger image if I’d just re-inked the lino to print this one, rather than using the textured ink left by the previous paper. It’s nice that you can see the texture of the previous paper printed on, but I think this would have worked better on a softer paper, perhaps even Japanese printing paper that is smooth and has no texture of it’s own. I think I was trying to go for something pop art inspired. But I needed a much bolder print for this to work. I think I’d like to try this again!


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