Project 6: ‘Strange Flowers’ lino print continued..

The next set of prints were:


'Strange flower' printed on Accademia paper

‘Strange flower’ printed on Accademia paper

This print was printed on a sample of paper designed for drawing and sketching, it’s 200gsm. I quite like this print/paper, it’s given the print a soft mottled texture but still retaining some of the finer details (like the lines of the leaves). Sadly I managed to get a little finger print on the edge of the print, which kind of detracts from it being a good print. Just another reminder to keep washing my hands when I print. 


'Strange flower' print on newsprint

‘Strange flower’ print on newsprint

I’m not entirely sure what paper this exactly is, it’s something I had kept in a box of papers. It feels like a thicker version of tissue paper. I think it would give a very clear print if I’d applied a bit more ink to the lino, I think I may have tried to do more prints before cleaning the lino than needs be.


'Strange flower' printed on striped brown wrapping paper

‘Strange flower’ printed on brown paper

Again this paper is a paper found in a box of kept papers, I don’t have much information about it. It’s a thick-ish brown paper, almost the thickness of card. I tried ironing out some of the lines from the paper folds before printing but it didn’t work too well, but I think it’s an interesting quality almost a crackled effect given by the lines of the card visible on the print.


'Strange flower' on brown wrapping paper

‘Strange flower’ on brown wrapping paper

This paper was a thin wrapping paper from Ikea, it’s got a shinny/glossy surface on one side and a coat free surface on the other. I printed on the un-glossy side as i wasn’t sure the ink would sit on the glossy side. This has a similar feel to the previous print, you can see the subtle texture of the paper through the ink. It’s not amazing but OK, I think there’s not much more room for experimentation on that kind of paper.


'Strange flower' printed on patterned paper

‘Strange flower’ printed on patterned paper

This paper was a patterned paper I had as part of craft/scrap book pad. It’s probably a little bit lighter than card. I wanted to see if the print worked on top of a busier pattern than the dots I tried previously. There’s a couple of things I think that don’t work here, firstly I’ve not place enough ink on the lino, so it looks very faded which seems to make it look like it’s trying to blend into the pattern. I think perhaps if the area of pattern was just the white area of the print and not around the outer edge it could work. Maybe something to consider in the future.


'Strange flower' printed on purple paper

‘Strange flower’ printed on purple paper

This is probably one of my favorite versions of the print. I didn’t expect to like it as I don’t really like coloured paper unless it’s a pastel colour. I think this works well because the ink on the paper isn’t very strong it’s soft, so it softens the contrast between the black and the purple. I think if I had made a bolder print, with a strong black it would’ve been much more comic strip like.

I think that with most of these prints the ink has been much softer/thinner on the page than I anticipated. I’m using a barren to apply pressure onto the back of the paper, and I think I’m struggling to get a strong enough pressure to transfer all the ink from the lino to the paper. It makes me wonder how these prints would look if I’d used a printing press.

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