Project 4: ‘Head of a Girl’

In preparation for doing a print based on the painting ‘Head of a Girl’ I did a watercolour version, just to think about composition and size.

Original Artist Painting alongside my Watercolor version

Original Artist Painting alongside my Watercolor version

Whilst it’s clear they don’t look the same, I don’t mind, I’m not going for exactly the same image but rather a similar feel. I didn’t like how large/dominant the girls shoulder looked in my watercolor version. So I took it out of the print version.

Here’s the print version:

Print of 'Head of a Girl'

Print of ‘Head of a Girl’

It does look much more like a floating head/something either from a play or a science fiction advert. But I do like the quality of the face/the skin tone worked well, and I think the white line around the face from the mask works well.

I was happy enough with this print to move onto the next print…

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