Project 15: Bosworth’s Butchers – colour theme’s

As I’m working on a series of four prints I felt like I needed to give some time to finding a few different colour theme’s to work from. I find researching colours quite tricky, so I’ve tried to look at colours in settings where they’re already in an arrangement that works. I looked into clothing magazines, company catalogues (John Lewis, Next), art books.

Here’s what I found of interest:

Colour ideas - from 'Pattern' by Orla Kiely

Colour ideas – from ‘Pattern’ by Orla Kiely

I like the pink, blue, green, brown combo in the photo above, I think it could make quite a sweet old style colour scheme which works well with the subject. I like to refer back to Orla Kiely because I think she has such a good eye for colour and what works well together.

Mixture of colour ideas

Mixture of colour ideas

The image above is a scan of multiple clippings from magazines and a picture from the book ‘High Street’ which I referenced as inspiration for the project. I think the colours in the top right hand clipping (of a tea towel) would work really well in a reduction linocut print.

The images bottom right, are quite different much bolder, just three colours but highly effective. Not sure if it would be too striking  for the subject or if it would be a good way of having some contrast between the prints?

I included an image from the book ‘High street’ because the colours from the book are so balanced and yet nothing seems to fade, each colour holds it’s own.


Colour ideas - John lewis Interiors Catalogue Autumn/Winter  2012

Colour ideas – John lewis Interiors Catalogue Autumn/Winter 2012

The image above was taken from a John Lewis interiors catalogue and the thing that caught my eye is the jar of marshmallow twists. It’s small so probably quite hard to see, but they’re pastel pink, yellow, white and green. I think it could be an interesting set of colours to use to rainbow roll a lino cut layer?

I think at this point I need to do some colour versions and more mock prints to help me reach four good quality designs for prints.

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