Project 14: Ideas in Sketchbook

In my last post I mentioned using a drawing from my small sketchbook as inspiration for a print. I’ve taken that sketch and reworked it by changing the scale and a few elements by re-drawing it. Here’s the result below:

Original drawing of 'House with Chimney'

Original drawing of ‘House with Chimney’

Reworked Sketch of original 'House with Chimney'.

Reworked Sketch of original ‘House with Chimney’.

The original sketch was quite a rough/quick drawing so there were certain elements of the house that seemed quite undefined. In redrawing the original I sought to bring a different emphasis to the house. In the original sketch I made a point of drawing some of the roof tiles in but leaving large areas of the drawing un-shaded or simply outlined.

In the reworking I wanted to emphasize some of the brickwork by shading that in but leaving the roof space clear to allow for any coloured tissue paper to show through. I’ve also enhanced/ defined some of the tree’s and shrubs in the garden to help balance out the composition of the drawing giving the eye more to scan across. I tried to help add some interest in the top of the picture by adding smoke coming from the chimney’s, it seems to help.

Happy with the new sketch I set about doing a black and white pen drawing of it to see how it would work as a lino print. Here’s what I came up with..

Black and White pen drawing of original 'House with Chimney'

Black and White pen drawing of original ‘House with Chimney’

I was happy this would be a viable lino print so wanted to move onto coming up with ideas for incorporating the chine colle technique.  rather than me painting out lots of different colour versions I decided to do little collages using photocopies of the black and white drawing, tissue paper and occasional water colour backgrounds.

Orange/Green/Blue & Black  Combination.

Orange/Green/Blue & Black Combination.

I wanted to try a very tissue paper heavy collage first to see how that might work. I chose orange as a nod to the terracotta/red bricks of housing and the green for the garden. I think it might be a little intense as the contrast is quite high between the orange green and black.

Orange/Brown/Oatmeal & Black Combination.

Orange/Brown/Oatmeal & Black Combination.

In the collage above I was going for a much more subtle look. Using colours that were similar to the house itself, the oatmeal colour is similar to the cream pebble dash walls. The brown is a nod to roof tiles and the orange is to add a pop of colour and highlight the brick work. I really like this combination although it needs a background colour, perhaps a light blue?

Black, White & Gold Version

Black, White & Gold Version

I was thinking about a wallpaper I have on my pin board at home which is black white and gold when I created the above collage. Part of me likes the sparseness of the tissue paper here, but I’m stuck as to whether or not it needs a colour in the background or if this will ruin the affect?

Hot Summer Colour Scheme - Pink, Purple, Green & Orange.

Hot Summer Colour Scheme – Pink, Purple, Green & Orange.

For a bit of a change of style I thought about cutting squares of tissue paper and arranging them randomly (well semi randomly as they need to stick to an inked area!) across the picture. I found the hot pink coloured tissue paper and it made me think of Indian summer themed colours (warm bright colours), I added the green as a bit of contrast.

I don’t think I’ll use this as a final print idea but it was fun to try the combination.

Yellow, Green, Blue & Black Combination.

Yellow, Green, Blue & Black Combination.

I wanted to try a fun, colorful version that was less random than the Indian summer collage. So thought a yellow, blue, green combination might work well, I didn’t want the tissue paper to take over so placed it in such a way as to highlight the side of the house and elements of the garden. Where the white is on the collage would actually blue where the background colour will show through, so hopeful producing a more colour balanced image.


Oatmeal/Orange/Black Combination.

Oatmeal/Orange/Black Combination.

As I really liked the oatmeal tissue paper and the orange I wanted to try combining them in such a way as the highlight the side of the house and that unique chimney breast. I think it works really well and I think it doesn’t necessarily need a background colour.

Now I need to cut the design into the lino and decide which colour combinations to use for my final designs.


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