Project 14: Final Print Series

Below is a photograph of the final prints alongside each other. I will explain more about the decision making process and evaluate my outcome in the rest of the post…

Print series

Print series

'Mystery House' print 1 of 4 part series

‘Mystery House’ print 1 of 4 part series

The first print in the series was actually the first print to turn out relatively successfully in a bad run of prints. It’s not a perfect print, the registration is just slightly out, but I think this isn’t necessarily immediately a bad thing. It adds a sort of intentional looking hand made vibe. The key thing about this print was the successful adhesion of the tissue paper to the paper. it also prompted me to rethink how many pieces of tissue paper I was trying to get onto the paper at once. Three seemed like a number I could do well without having to keep practising or redoing prints.



‘Mystery House’ print 2 of 4 part series

This second print is actually something of a new design not from my sketchbook. As a result of struggling with adhering lots of pieces of tissue paper onto the print I decided to restrict the amount on the print. I chose to do two large pieces here as the this could allow for there to appear to be a progression in the area covered in tissue paper as the series continued. The oatmeal coloured tissue paper and the orange were ones I’d tried using in previous print attempts. Although the prints hadn’t worked I thought the colours of the papers worked well together and against the blue. It’s also worth noting the registration here is better than in the first print.

'Mystery House' print 3 of 4 part series

‘Mystery House’ print 3 of 4 part series

This third print looks very similar to the first print but is actually different. The only difference is that I’ve used a golden slightly foil like tissue paper as opposed to an orange paper with fibres. It’s perhaps a little more subtle than I’d hoped for but given the time frame of things I’m not going to re do it unless my tutor recommends it. it could be improved if I’d tried to use actual gold foil, maybe something to try at a later date.



‘Mystery House’ print 4 of 4 part series

This print was very difficult to do and one I hadn’t thought would succeed. It took a lot of effort to get the tissue paper to stick to the print and I wouldn’t try and tackle a print with this many pieces of tissue paper again. As I was using a thin layer of PVA glue as my adhesive I felt under a lot of time pressure when trying to place all the pieces down onto the lino. I didn’t like feeling rushed or the process of trying to stick the tissue back onto the paper as it had peeled away. I think the composition of the image is good however and is lifted by the little hints of orange on the chimney and side roof.

Looking at the prints as a series I think they look like a cohesive series. Perhaps it’s a little to safe in colour schemes and in that the main point of contrast are the blue background and a contrasting colour. But I also like the way the same colour background ties of the prints together, they could sit on the same wall and you’d know they were meant to be alongside each other. Moving the tissue paper around different points of the house does help the eye to notice other features/keep interest. But I do think it’s a shame I’ve not managed to add more focus on the garden through the technique. I just didn’t want there to be too much tissue paper across the paper or too many things to see at once. I think overall I’m happy with the results although maybe with more time I might re-do some of the prints to improve accuracy.


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