Project 10: Artist research & Design ideas

Whilst I was looking into woodcut printing I came across an artist who works with the medium in a contemporary way. Jonathan Ashworth differs from traditional wood cut prints, bringing a fresh illustrative style to the table.

I wrote about the images below briefly in my sketchbook, so I won’t repeat myself here.

'Air Mail' wood engraving 7cmX7cm

‘Air Mail’ wood engraving 7cmX7cm

'Nuzzle One' (left hand) Wood engraving 7cmX7cm  'Nuzzle Two' (right hand) wood engraving 7cmX7cm.

‘Nuzzle One’ (left hand) Wood engraving 7cmX7cm
‘Nuzzle Two’ (right hand) wood engraving 7cmX7cm.


'Looking forward' wood engraving 7cmX7cm  'Leaves falling' 7cmX14cm

‘Looking forward’ wood engraving 7cmX7cm
‘Leaves falling’ 7cmX14cm

'Swing (part 1)' wood engraving 14cmX7cm

‘Swing (part 1)’ wood engraving 14cmX7cm

'Wavy Trees Two' wood engraving 7cmX7cm

‘Wavy Trees Two’ wood engraving 7cmX7cm

I also came across a graphic design duo called Darling Clementine, who create illustrations for companies and create patterns/print for a range of stationary. This is their website, where I found some images which inspired me to approach drawing some ideas for a design differently.

Examples of illustrations of people 

The images below were all illustrations for clients an include people. I found them interesting to look at as a different way to create a drawing of people. Although it’s clear they used computer software to create the images I was looking at the shapes they used for instance to show a person’s nose or hair etc. And thinking about if I could draw in a similar way and if this style would lend itself well to creating some interesting lino cut prints.

The Traveller Magazine Illustration

The Traveller Magazine Illustration

Illustration for Peguot advert

Illustration for Peguot advert


Illustration for Nordea private banking

Illustration for Nordea private banking

Examples of illustrations of objects/interesting colour combinations

I’ve written about these in my sketchbook too. But for each of these images there is a great example of brilliant colour combinations, even unusual ones (the green and pink of the evergreen cards) that somehow works. It’s just an interesting example to have in mind when considering colour choice for printing my experimental print.

'Harvest' Cards

‘Harvest’ Cards

Illustration from Folk and Flora collection

Illustration from Folk and Flora collection

'Evergreen'  Christmas card set

‘Evergreen’ Christmas card set








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