Assignment 4: Project 12 – Design Ideas

I found some old photo’s I took when on family holidays (when I was little) while at my parents over Christmas, and wanted to use these as inspiration for a landscape based Collatype print. I started to work on one of these photo’s first by doing some studies in different mediums.

Landscape 1.

Landscape 1 – photo for inspiration

In the photo you can see a line of tree’s sitting almost in the middle of the photo which aren’t that dominant. I wondered if moving these to the forefront of the image would add more interest so tried doing this in a sketch.

Sketch of Landscape 1.

Sketch of Landscape 1.

I think enlarging the trees and bringing them closer to the foreground does help add interest and would make a better collatype print. I thought I’d give a try at drawing with oil pastels as a way of seeing how it might look inked up. Not sure if it’s an accurate way of looking at what outcome printing would give but it was good to try.

Oil pastel drawing of Landscape 1.

Oil pastel drawing of Landscape 1.

I used Whites Spirit to thin the oil pastel and give some blending which helped me to add shading to the fields. It was trickier than I expected and it’s no masterpiece but I like the image overall. Not sure how I’d get it to print like this though!

Charcoal pencil sketch of Landscape 1.

Charcoal pencil sketch of Landscape 1.

I’m thinking about using a different photo as inspiration for a possible collatype:

Landscape 2 - photo for inspiration.

Landscape 2 – photo for inspiration.

This landscape doesn’t really have as much natural variation/texture but it has added interest in the houses. I’m just not sure how I’d pull off the houses well enough to print without layers being lost and only some elements showing through. I might try adapting a few things in a drawing first before making any collage.

I think my next steps are to create a collage from the first Landscape and then if time move onto making a collage from the second Landscape.

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