Visual Literacy: Research Pt.2

I mentioned in my first research post that I hadn’t investigated who designs some of the packaging I admire and really so no reason not to. So I searched ‘who designs Starbucks packaging’  and came across a very interesting post here:

It’s an interview with Mike Peck, Starbucks Creative Director of Packaging (what an incredible title!) It’s mostly an interview about a redesign of packaging for their coffee beans. I should probably explain at this point that I used to work for Starbucks (as a barista) so was fairly familiar with their packaging/design.

It’s a fascinating read because it reveals how important design can be for conveying information about what a product is really like, it ca convey a feeling or depth or provoke intrigue or it can look simplistic and not invite the viewer to engage.

The really great bit at the end of the interview is that he mentions a whole list of graphic designers who worked on the redesign. So I went through the list searching to find one that had some kind of blog or website so I could find out more about their process.

One designer I found of interest in the bunch is a guy named Victor Melendez:

I really like his work for Starbucks and some of his side projects but am unsure about his general style, I don’t really like the whole day of the dead themed work. I’ll do a proper analysis tomorrow but for now I think that’s enough!

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