The Outcome: Poster for rationale one

Scan of first poster in response to rationale one

Scan of first poster in response to rationale one

The poster is handmade, made from patterned paper, coloured card, pen drawings. I don’t currently feel confident enough with Photoshop/Adobe Creative Suite to use them to create the posters, hence it’s been made by hand.You’ll probably notice the design is not perfect, please feel free to suggest alternative ways of approaching the brief/making the poster.

I took inspiration for the design of this poster, in terms of shapes and layout of the text and images from this poster design:

!950's Music/Gig Poster

1950’s Music/Gig Poster

You’ll notice I didn’t use the same colours as the 1950’s poster, I felt that they looked too dated. I used blue,red,white together mainly because I thought they would work well together without overwhelming the viewer, however I’m not sure the colour scheme is the best for promoting a summer event and it does look quite patriotic which could be confusing seeing as the event isn’t specifically a patriotic or ‘British’ event. I would be keen to hear what colour scheme you would have used/think would be more effective.

Please leave any comments you wish to on the design – you can comment on the text used, the information, the colours, the way the design was made etc. I will use your comments to decided how to improve the poster and fulfill the rationale.

Thanks again for helping!!



2 thoughts on “The Outcome: Poster for rationale one

  1. Lorsen

    I like the handmade style and the drawings on the poster. By showing us the poster that inspired it (to an extent) I realised that your poster wasn’t bold enough. I can only see some of the information in your poster by enlarging or carefully studying the image whereas the 50s poster is much easier to read. (You’ve done something by hand which means it’s pretty hard to make fonts fully legible). I think a poster ideally needs this kind of instant pull and grab of attention. If you were able to get your design into an electronic format and play around with it now on the computer this issue would probably be fairly easily solved – keeping both the handmade feel while utilising the benefits of computer design too.

  2. Maria

    Hi Christy,

    I really love the drawings on this poster! The give a sort of relaxed feel and vintage-y feel to it which fits to it being free entry and outdoors.

    I think you could be more bold with colours. I think there is maybe too much white which when looking at the poster from a distance means that those great features (drawings) loose definition and are hard to see. From afar off, the mic and the horn really stand out because there is a lovely contrast between the white and the red.
    So I would have a play around with adding more contrast and coherency by maybe trying out just using one background colour (red) or different shades of red and maybe making the middle explosion bubble completely blue or maybe have a green as background (green for outdoors/park) and then have the coloured instruments bursting into it… just some thoughts.

    Have fun and I look forward to seeing how you will develop your idea! 🙂



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