The Invisible Man – H.G.Wells

Having chosen The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine as my other two H.G.Wells novels to design a cover for I wasn’t sure what to go for as a third book.

I emailed a friend who recommended The Invisible man –

I think your best bet is probably The Invisible Man, as it’s scientific in nature and one of his more successful and compelling novels. I’ve seen a few covers for this and they’ve never been terribly exciting – the classic visual image for it is usually Griffin in bandages and a dressing gown, so I’d be fascinated to see what else you might come up with. An invisible man is a challenge for graphic design!

And after a little time scanning through Pinterest for covers for the Invisible Man it’s clear that there’s a type cast kind of image for the book, nearly all contained an illustration of  the suit of a man, with a bowling hat, glasses and no head. The trouble is I’m not sure how to move away from this idea.

I did however come across some interesting websites offering tutorials for creating your own invisible man using photo shop and some photos:

I also came across this which could maybe be of use for creating a different form of image, it’s a link to a tutorial on how to create portraits that defy gravity:

Now to come up with something different….


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