The Brief & The Rationale

The Brief:

Look around your local area, find a local up-coming event i.e. a jumble sale, music festival and design two posters to promote it.

Make the first poster full of information about the event, details such as when, where, what’s happening, cost and what to expect. Include every detail you think the audience requires.

Make the second poster as simple as possible – pare back the information to the minimum. Be extreme with how little you can say but remember to include the essential information or it won’t effectively promote the event.

 Rationale One:

Produce a poster promoting a local event of your choice. Make the poster full of information about the event, where it’s taking place, when, what’s going on, timings, cost and what to expect. Include as much detail as possible for your audience.

The Chosen subject

I chose to base my poster designs on an ongoing event taking place in Coventry. The event is called ‘Bands in the Parks 2013’ – every week (on a Sunday) from the 11th August – 16th September a variety of bands will play in different parks across the city.

The link below gives you full details on the bands, venues etc, I used this as my reference for the details on the posters.

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