Project: Visual Dynamics

Research point

The research point for this project involves going back to my own visual diary and considering how I look at images. I’m asked to consider three things:

1. How do your eyes travel around the items you have collected?

2. What do you look at first?

3. Where is the contrast in what you are looking at?

I want to consider these question by commenting on a few pages from my visual diary…


Page from Visual Diary – 1

In the photo above my eye was first drawn to the green dress the woman was wearing and then to the purple square with ‘great plains’ written in the top left hand of the page. I guess the main areas of contrast are between the white border and the green of the dress. Also there’s a contrast where the purple square cuts into the white border of the second picture.

Page from Visual Diary - 2

Page from Visual Diary – 2

In this page my eye is again first drawn to the boldest/brightest colour – the pink in the ‘soul cal’ label. But then my eye moves to look at the patterned areas, like the thank you label and the dotted label. I think the contrast of the white against the pattern in the ‘thank you’ label is what drew my eye away from the ‘soul cal’ label.

Picture from Visual diary - 3

Picture from Visual diary – 3

Here my eye is drawn to the red of the ‘annie greenabelle’ label, then to the black label above it as there’s a strong contrast between the two. Then I look to the right and spot the texture of label in the bottom right hand corner (it’s a raised stitched texture). my eye is drawn to that before looking above it to the other labels.

Page from Visual diary - 4

Page from Visual diary – 4

This image is interesting, my eye is drawn to lots of things, and it feels hard to say what first. But I think the first thing I notice is the white lines against the blue of the left hand image (the one with the girl in the red coat). I’m drawn by the mix of contrast created by the white against the dark blue but also the red of the coat and the texture in the backdrop. The next thing my eye moves to is the figure in the right hand image, then finally I take in the background drawings in that image, they’re much softer in tone and look more like pencil lines so they didn’t grab my eye straight away.

It’s interesting considering that looking at my response overall my eye was first drawn to colour and then texture/shape. I hadn’t really considered that texture could be something that formed contrast within an image. Another thought that comes to mind as I look at my visual diary is that it doesn’t feel very accessible. I don’t like the current format of the ring binder and inserting pages, I think it would be much easier to read the images if it were in a flat sketchbook or brown papered backdrop.



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