Project – Critiquing your work

I just wanted to make a note of what this section in the course talks about and what I need to take from it.

In order to prepare for a critique of my work I will need to learn how to/consider a few things:

1. I need to develop a rationale. A rationale is defined here as:

” a short statement that outlines what you are trying to achieve, how you are going about it and what the results are likely to be”.

I can have multiple rationales where there is more than one direction that can be taken in the brief.

2. Think about how I’m presenting my ideas – a collection of thumbnails, or mood boards or mock up’s

3. Need to summarize the brief as well as writing a rationale.

4. Make time to change designs based on what’s been said during the critique – otherwise it’s pointless!

Research question:How do I approach being self- critical?

Currently I approach being self-critical by referring back to the brief I was given originally and asking myself questions like does it fulfill the brief, where doesn’t it, what could be improved. However I think that often this is too much something I question once I’ve decided I’ve finished the project rather than asking myself at every stage.

What issues does this raise?

The need to practically have a rationale/brief written out at the start of the exercise preferably printed so I can stick it up somewhere and refer back to it as I go.

I need to contact people about being a critique group for my work, obviously my husband is an easy person to ask, but I have friends who are practicing artists or have an interest in design so I’d like to ask them too, so I get a  more broad opinion.

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