Post critique poster changes…

Following the comments on my critique page I went back to my sketchbook to draw some new poster designs for rationale two.

My focus was on creating a design that had much more flow and movement in it, looked summery, and in which the central information i.e. the title of the event and dates were more of a focal point. I did the designs as pen drawings without colour first to try and get a sense of shapes and text arrangement before thinking about colour scheme’s.

Pen & pencil drawings of new designs

Pen & pencil drawings of new designs

The design on the left hand side features lines around the saxophone which have been broken into block shapes, I was going for a more geometric feel. I think it’s fine as a design but feels too rigid/doesn’t give a nice flow to the poster overall. I do however like the placement of the title of the event at the top of the poster and in a playful manner across the lines above the saxophone. I think that part works well hence why it features in the design on the right hand side.

The design on the right hand side features a continuous thin line wrapped around the saxophone which I feel gives a much better sense of flow and movement. I added a few flowers around too to remind the audience of the time of year the event is taking place in. I think they work well as a combination that isn’t overpowering.

As I was fairly happy with the right hand design I moved on from drawing it in black and white to considering different colour scheme’s:

new designs in watercolor for colour scheme ideas

New designs in watercolor for colour scheme ideas

The colour scheme on the left hand side of the page was inspired by a jungle style wallpaper advert in a magazine. I thought it would add a fun, summer vibe however it does definitely say jungle more than summer to me, which could be misleading to the audience.

On the right hand side the colour scheme was inspired by another wallpaper advert which had a colour scheme of brown/cream/gold. I think it gives a much more old laid back indie vibe. But that this doesn’t really suit a summer based music event (as much as I might like it).

a further idea for poster colour scheme

a further idea for poster colour scheme

 I think I like this third colour scheme best. It’s a little simpler, orange, yellow and blue, but it gives a clean fresh summer feel, without having connotations of the jungle or Indian summer. I think I’ll stick with this as my colour scheme for the poster.

I’m having a little trouble deciding what method and materials to use to recreate the poster. Obviously I have used a linocut to make the saxophone previously, and i could use that method to create lines, lettering and flowers to complete the poster. But i worry that using all linocut methods will make it feel quite block-y and limit the sense of movement (which was one of the problems before).

As it’s easier/quicker to try it all in watercolor i’m going to give that a go and see if that works best, if I’m happy with it then I’ll stick with it, if not i’ll try linocutting.


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