Point of Sale Display – Design in stages

Point of sale display FRUIT AND VEG

Above is the basic fruit shapes I started with in Illustrator having drawn them in a sketchbook first and then live traced them in illustrator to create vector shapes. I chose to work in illustrator because I knew creating vector art work would mean the finished work could be scaled up to the size requested in the brief (2 X A1 landscape) without the quality of the work being compromised.

scribble pear document file orla kiely apple and pear mug

Inspiration taken from Orla Kiely's work with fruit.

Inspiration taken from Orla Kiely’s work with fruit.

I took inspiration for the shape of and simplicity of the fruit from Orla Kiely. I was drawn to her designs as I know they’re popular with mainly middle class women and i think this is what would make up a large proportion of the audience.

I was thinking too about a way to visually show the green grocers was successful and rated well by customers (as again I think this is something the audience would look for). The idea of using a rosette and the phrase ‘voted first choice for’ seemed a good combination for expressing this idea. So I searched Google for images of rosettes, and then drew my own version to scan and trace into illustrator.



Chris spooner logo

Chris Spooner logo


Below you can see two rosette designs that I added into the sign with the fruit. I also added the words “Fresh, Local, Organic, Fruit and Vegetables”, again the thought was that these would be words that would attract the audience.

Point of sale display lobster font

I decided to pick one rosette design, and I preferred the larger one as it looked more dominate on the page, and that I think is key for visibility from a distance. I also change the words so that the text overall would flow better “Voted first choice for: Local, Fresh, Organic, Produce” – the word produce just sounds at bit more encompassing and professional.


Point of sale display text low

Next I started to think about layout, I felt that having the fruit along the bottom was too rigid a design. It didn’t really add any dynamic touch to the poster, so set about re-positioning the fruit and veg to look as though there was more movement. You can see in the image below my improved version:


Point of sale display mathlete font

Feeling more satisfied with the design I moved on to introducing colour to the image. I wanted to use colours that were bold enough to catch someone’s eye in the distance but also representative of the nature of the fruit and vegetables. Here was my first go:


Point of sale display mathlete font colour copy

Colour Sign V1





Point of sale display mathlete font colour  V2 copy

Colour Sign V2

There’s a very subtle difference between version 1 & 2 in that I’ve added little edges to the corners of the fruit/veg in version 2. This was just to add a little extra dynamism. I also realised looking at the background that it needed something, my initial idea was to add a brown paper texture. This was in my mind a link to the brown bags you can get in green grocers.

However if you look at the image below (which was my attempt at this idea), I’m not sure it works. I think I’ll ask some friends for feedback and see what they suggest in terms of background. I’m also wondering if the font needs to be bold/larger with more movement in order to be eye catching from a distance?


Point of sale display brown background




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