New exercise – ‘Point of Sale Display’

The Brief:

Create a ‘point of sale display’ to go above the fruit and vegetables in a local green grocers shop. The shop is in a small precinct which houses a baker, a newsagent, an independent shoe shop and is on the route to and from a respected primary school.

The final size of the display will be 2 X A1 Landscape.  I am allowed to either work with photograph’s, create illustrations or use both to produce two images one of fruit the other of vegetables. I can use individual fruits/veg or cut up/segments or all of the above.

Here are two possible versions of the design:

Point of Sale Display V1

Point of Sale Display Version 1


Point of Sale Display Version 2

Point of Sale Display Version 2

As you look at the two designs please comment on:

  1. The Wording of the sign: it needs to be – ‘clear and dynamic
  2. Ask yourself  – Does the fruit look edible? Would I like to eat it? If not can you say why not/what might improve it?
  3. Is the overall design ‘clear and dynamic‘? Would it catch your eye from a distance?

Can you see a  ‘conscious decision about the use colour to describe tone, shadow and surface marks‘ – poor choices can make food look unappealing, moldy etc.

Feel free to make any other comments/observations.

Thanks again…

4 thoughts on “New exercise – ‘Point of Sale Display’

  1. Benjamin Poffley

    Hi Christy,

    I think the colours in version 2 are much more attractive. I think this is because they are clearer colours, as in less ‘dirty’ if that makes sense. So the second one is more attractive in terms of the fruit.
    In terms of wording… perhaps the words could be angled more so that it feels like the eye flows better down them. At the moment I feel like my eye struggles to work out what the poster is saying as the words feel disjointed. So I wonder if changing the angle of the words so that it’s more natural to read might help with that.
    Visually I prefer the white text, but I think the black stands out more so would be better for catching the eye… but I prefer how the white text looks within the whole image… so perhaps darkening the fruit colours, whilst still maintaining the ‘purity’ of the colours, might be a way of helping the text to stand out.

    I like the idea of having the fruit on the brown paper… reminds me of peaches in those dimpled boxes… I wonder if you could do something like that? So have each of the fruit encased in the brown paper… if that makes sense?×300.jpg

  2. Maria

    Hi Christy,

    I agree with Ben. I prefer the second design. The brown paper adds to the organic/local feel which I really like! I also like the simple designs of the fruit and the colourfulness. I think that all fits very well with the feel.
    For the yellow pepper and the rosette I would probably try to find colours that are more distinct from each other to create more balance… otherwise I find my eye struggling to figure out: is it the same colour and if so, why? Are they different….? So clarity would help with that.

    Similar to Ben, I also struggle with the composition of the words, I find it hard to recognise a shape/flow in it and it does feel a bit disjointed which doesn’t make it look dynamic necessarily.
    In terms of the writing, I do think it is quite small and would not catch my eye from afar.

    When I just looked at some examples, I found that by making the writing signficantly larger, it added a lot of clarity & structure to the poster:

    Hope this is helpful!

    Maria 🙂

  3. Christy Archer Post author

    Thanks guys for your comments. I like your idea Ben of the fruits wrapped in paper not sure how I’ll pull that off though (still working on skills with the software). Thanks Maria for the images and examples of text placement, I like the Peppers image, the style of the writing and placement could work if I create a box/brown papers to place the fruit in so the words can move around an object rather than sit on it.

    I’ll try some things and get back to you!

  4. Lorsen

    Hi, sorry for late reply. May be too late…

    Looking at the wording of the questions you ask whether I would like to eat the fruit and veg- I guess this isn’t something that comes across from the designs. It may do more with photos of the images or some sense of juiciness or the inside of the veg/ fruit. At the moment they look quite flat. It’s not that I mind the design of them but just they don’t make me want to eat them if that’s something important.
    Can you try the rosette either smaller or with only one hanging thing? – currently seems to dominate the poster in one block of colour.
    I like the idea of the brown paper bag. Could you play with this idea some more- like using the bags somehow in the design and making that link clearer.
    Last thing- I’m just wondering how the context for the poster e.g being near a school is impacting your designs. Could there be a more playful way of displaying that would appeal to children as well as adults?


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