New Design for Rationale One

I’ve been working on a new version of a poster for rationale one. A quick recap for you about rationale one:

Produce a poster promoting a local event of your choice. Make the poster full of information about the event, where it’s taking place, when, what’s going on, timings, cost and what to expect. Include as much detail as possible for your audience.

This was my initial design for the rationale (see image below):

Overall photo of poster one

Old version of poster

And this is my new and hopefully improved design:

new version

New version of poster

I’d love to hear what you think about the colour scheme – I was going for something a little old jazz/smooth looking rather than bright and funky.

What do you think of the daisies? Are they enough of a hint towards the event being in a park or is something else needed?

Is the text/information clear enough – does it need to be bigger, smaller or a different colour? Feel free to comment on what you think works or doesn’t work within the poster.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!



3 thoughts on “New Design for Rationale One

  1. Lorsen

    I think the second poster is an improvement on the first. It’s slicker, crisper, more poster like (reproducible, more graphic, less hand made), yet still maintains your hand crafted aesthetic because of the hand drawn instruments. It’s good to see you’ve used the computer to develop your poster and I think this is a significant step so that’s great to see.
    I think the colours work with the images and what you were hoping to convey, although they are not as striking as those in image 1 (particularly the stripy edge). You’ve removed the ‘splash’ (seen in the centre of image 1) which means there’s less feeling of movement and impact). I didn’t love the splash but it caught the attention. I know you’ve drawn it this way so it’s hard to change but I wonder why you’ve overlapped the drum and saxophone. All the other instruments seem to exist in their own little corner of the poster (and relate to a specific event) and yet the drum and the sax converge which I find slightly confusing to the eye. (I don’t think I mentioned this before – and maybe it’s now more obvious since the poster is visually simpler than image 1).
    I like the flowers. You could perhaps add another one or two. Again I feel that there could have been an opportunity for movement / flow / rhythm. One of the flowers looks like it could have popped out of the bagpipes and so I wonder whether there could have been some play on musical notes and flowers (or a cross over) emerging from each instrument. If you wanted it more linked to the park you could have some suggestions of grass, but this would add a further colour to your poster and change the look too much.
    Comparing the 2 posters the text is now harder to read but I prefer the look of the font in the second. Dates could be emphasised more and the fact that this is a free event.
    Hope those comments are helpful and constructive!

  2. Christy Archer Post author

    Interesting point about the overlapped drum and saxophone, I agree they do look a little odd given that all the other instruments sit separately. I think it’s something I can have a go at changing, I’ll just re-draw the drum and saxophone separately and re-place them on the poster. I like your idea of musical notes and flowers coming out of the instruments or moving round to add flow. I just am a little worried I’ll end up making the poster overly busy.

  3. Maria

    Really like how you improved the poster and translated those ideas into a poster using graphic design and I can imagine how the fiddling with it will have really benefitted your skills in that area!
    I like how you have incorporated the squares but they look muxh more free in this poster which I think fits better with the idea that Jazz is a lot about improvisation.
    I agree with Lorsen in that the font is great – though the key information (date, time, free event) could be bolder, it does get a bit lost. I really like that you didn’t abandon the hand-drawn instruments – they really fit!
    I think the Park theme for me isn’t really communicated very well – as in I don’t think the colour scheme supports it very well… when I think of park – I mostly think of green and trees (and maybe daiseys). So, I’m not sure how that could be incorporated, but maybe suggestions of grass at the bottom… maybe even in a different colour?
    (Here’s an interesting example where the outdoor feel is communicated very well:*8FKHTXcI8SlUJnVIrq7YukP-0a4-8mRQbbgNJpMtxXx*MqS-dV3neawx14ytAv6ZErBRzBJ9OFkxCmG/garanaJazz.png – grass suggestions, clouds – but colours are altered in keeping with the theme)
    And I think, I missing the vibrancy of a jazz music event – I do think some stronger colours could really enhance that – so maybe a deep dark red could add some vibrancy to it?
    (That kind of red:,r:1,s:0,i:83&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=196&tbnw=144&start=0&ndsp=12&tx=91&ty=43)

    Similar to what Lorsen said, I think having some flow in it to signify the movement, the rhythm of the music would be great. If you think about the event – it is quite a jolly atmosphere, people are picknicking while listening, some even getting up and dancing in front of the stage (at least when I went there). So maybe adding something like the bubble or notes bursting out like Lorsen suggested might communicate that better? Just some thoughts…

    Hope this is helpful,
    Maria 🙂


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