Initial thoughts

When I looked at the brief for ‘Introduce Yourself’ I sat down and started to Mind Map my ideas.

You can check out a scan of my mind map below:

Mind Map for Assignment

Mind Map for Assignment

I like the use of words within Graphic Design and how coupled with an image they can convey more than perhaps alone, so my starting point was thinking about words to describe myself, my interests etc.

The word Create was the first to come to mind. Simply because I spend so much of my time Creating, it’s something I’m always learning about, looking for new ways to create, be practical  so I knew I wanted to make a postcard with that word on it.

Collaborate was the second word to come to mind, collaboration is big part of the culture of my friends and family. The environment I live in really encourages and values collaboration in all aspects of life. There’s a phrase that’s often used when asking about how decisions were made or working on projects it’s ‘whose fingerprints are on it’. This is because we think life is more valuable when other people have touched it (so they’ve put they’re finger print on it).

I realized at this point I’d come up with two words beginning with ‘C’, and thought it would work well to have that as a theme, all the postcards would be based on words beginning with ‘C’.

In the Mind Map image I then continued to explore words that could describe me beginning with ‘C’. You can see that I came up with a few, but my the third word that I felt I could focus more on was: Commit.

So I’d picked three words to incorporate or use as a theme/starting point for the design of my postcards; Create, Collaborate, Commit.

More process to follow….


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