Ideas for Point of Sale Display

I began research just looking on pinterest for Green grocers, I just wanted to get an idea for what kind of design was out there, even just the shape/layout of green grocer stores. I created a board and pinned a few things, when I came across a green grocer’s in Australia called, The Little Green Grocer, which had some interesting window displays. The window display was created by an artist/graphic designer called Amelia Lackman.

Photo 1 of 'Little Grocer Shop front' by Amelia Lackman

Photo 1 of ‘Little Grocer Shop front’ by Amelia Lackman

Photo 2 of 'Little Grocer' by Amelia Lackman

Photo 2 of ‘Little Grocer’ by Amelia Lackman

Photo 3 of 'Little Grocer' by Amelia Lackman

Photo 3 of ‘Little Grocer’ by Amelia Lackman

What I like about Amelia’s window displays is that it fits with the unique/small almost specialist nature of the shop. The designs don’t have any colour though so perhaps not as eye catching as the client in my brief would like.

I also came across this grill/bar/cafe which had bold type on it’s wall which were visible from the front of the store. The kind of thing that would catch your eye from a distance even though you couldn’t tell what it said and cause you to take a closer look. This might be the level of colour that would draw more people into the green grocers store.

Wishbone Restaurant - Outside

Wishbone Restaurant – Outside

Wishbone Restaurant Inside

Wishbone Restaurant Inside

So my current thoughts are some kind of simple shapes of fruit and veg that are brightly coloured with text either within or outside it saying things about the quality of the fruit and veg. Possible words could be : Fresh, Tasty, Organic, Delicious, Healthy, Locally grown. These words especially ‘organic & locally grown’ would probably appeal to a middle class mum who’s concern might be making sure what she gives her kids is clean and good for the environment.

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