Feedback on Tutor Report for Assignment 1

Before I dig into my next project I wanted to allow myself the time to reflect on my tutor report for the  first assignment I submitted.

I’m going to make this quite clear in terms of writing quotes from sections from the report and then commenting on what actions I need to take/possible areas to pursue as a result. Then I’ll do an conclusion as to what impact the report will have on my approach to my next assignment.

Over all Comments

“Project: Sending and receiving” – “It would be good to see you undertake and document future exercises and research tasks on your blog- in the same way you’re doing on your printmaking course”

This is something I missed from the last assignment unintentionally! So I’ll be making sure to document future exercises and my research in this blog.

Feedback on assignment

Re: Create Card

Create Postcard

Create Postcard

“The piece also suggested that creativity comes from play and engagement, which made it an enjoyable experience. The photos of the letters on the windows were great, and it would have been good to use these as a starting point for an alternative design – it would have been interesting to see what they might have offered you once put into the card format”.

I find this an feedback encouraging in that my design communicated how I engage with creativity. But this wasn’t something I did intentionally, as in I hadn’t thought in my mind ‘how will I make the element of play and engagement clear’ and then used that medium. So it makes me aware that I need to think more carefully about my methods/what that communicated. Also interesting to get another perspective on the letters on the windows idea, as I just assumed because they didn’t look great to begin with that I wouldn’t be able to develop them further. I guess I’m just considering there’s a need to allow my ideas more time to develop before I move on.

Re: Commitment Postcard(s)

One of the Commitment Postcards

One of the Commitment Postcards

“Certainly your hand drawn typography is much more engaging than the off the peg digital one you ended up using. This is an area you might want to reflect on – at what point does your work move from the hand-drawn to the digital or can you develop ways of working which combine the too?”

The questions posed here are really helpful questions and I agree that the hand drawn typography I drew in earlier designs was more engaging – I just didn’t know how to bring it into/combine it with a digital design. Party I struggled to combine the two simply because I wouldn’t know how to create a hand drawn type in In Design – but I have friends who I could ask about this. Perhaps that’s a next step?

Suggested viewing/reading – Artist called Chris Balasiotes – Katie Daisy

“as people who use illustration and graphic design interchangeably, especially through the use of hand-rendered and watercolor typography.” 

  I’ve begun looking at both these artists, they’re very interesting!

Comments on next stage of course:

“This is an opportunity for you to continue developing the interplay between the digital and the hand drawn, perhaps extending this to make your digital work truer to your hand drawn approach or further exploring how the two can work alongside each other. Either way, keep on being playful and inventive in how you bring together your learning between graphic design, print-making and illustration.”

Again this feedback is great in terms of helping me decide how to move forward/what to explore. I think I’d like to explore making my digital work truer to my hand drawn approach – I think this will mean working with some people who do know how to use software better than I currently do.But I also think this will involve me being comfortable with taking more risks/playful invention at the design stage. I’d love to try to create some lino cut font and translate that into a digital font. No idea yet how I’d do that but I guess that’s the fun of it!



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