Exercise: Working to brief – Brief 2

Brief 2:

What am I being asked to do?

Create a piece of work of my own choice, to my own choice of audience that; “takes them on a metaphorical journey” exploring the theme of “connections”. Whatever is produced has to be something imaginative that explores the juxtaposition of things that connect.

How will the client judge the successful outcome?

By how ‘imaginative’ the work is, the “quality of the research” and if it “communicates to the viewer the connectedness of the thinking in my design”. Success will also be judged by how well the piece takes the viewer/audience on a journey.

What are the key words?

“Journey”, “connections”, “connectedness”, “broadly as possible” & “juxtaposition”.

Additional questions:

Do they have a medium in mind for this piece? maybe a poster, picture, animation, film. or perhaps product packaging, or a childrens book?

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