Exercise: Working to a brief – notes

Having looked at the 3 briefs available I think I would like to tackle the first brief, designing packaging for the Quaker oats company (brief 1)

This is partly due to the comfort of having clear parameters, audience to work for. Also because I love packaging and think it’s possible to make it really fun, appealing. I’d like the challenge of taking something often considered as a product for old people or children and making it appealing to a new audience. In terms of stretching my skills and abilities, I’d like to think it would be quite stretching as I’d use programs like Photoshop/In design to create it which are still very unfamiliar programs to me, so I’d be learning lots as I went through the design process.

I did consider doing brief 2, which is the opposite to brief 1 in terms of being very free, there’s no mention of restrictions in terms of intended audience, what the design should look like. It could be a very fun project, but I think It could also be quite hard to reach a conclusion and get lost in the far reaches of researching something so vast as connections. Everything is connected in some way, so that could be tricky to condense..

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