Exercise: Visualising your ideas – Research & Ideas

I started by drawing a simple design for a leaflet based on the ‘Love parks’ theme from the poster I’d seen in the local park. I wanted to start simple, just simple folds, to see what it was like.

Love parks design sketch

Love parks design sketch

'Love parks' leaflet prototype - front

‘Love parks’ leaflet prototype – front

Love parks leaflet - open

Love parks leaflet – open

Love parks leaflet - unfolded

Love parks leaflet – unfolded

As you can see in my sketch I had the unfolding paper over the fold for the outside, which practically wouldn’t work so I moved that further down to sit in the middle below the fold line. The design is fine, but doesn’t really offer any new way of exploring folds. I wanted to see some actual leaflets for a bit of research so dug around for leaflets that I’d kept and came across a few which were much more interesting.








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