Exercise: Visualising your ideas – Design 2

Feeling happy with my first plain paper prototype I moved onto trying to find different kinds of paper for the design.

My initial thought was to try and create an envelope that could look like/represent ground that the spade was cutting into (as it would look if you were digging). I found some flowery wrapping paper that looked quite fresh and thought that might work.

Flowery Envelop 1

Flowery Envelope 1

However seeing it in actuality, I thought it didn’t really look like earth/ground the spade was cutting into and the spade poking out the top actually made it look more like a handbag design. The blue and pink give it too girly a feel and I felt like this might be off putting for any guys receiving it in the post!

I found a sturdy brown paper/card I’d kept from something to make the spade from and I felt like this would help it keep it’s shape and made it look for spade like. I coloured in the handle green as often spades have coloured handles.

Spade Design 1 - front

Spade Design 1 – front


Spade Design 1 - open

Spade Design 1 – open


Space Design 1 - unfolded

Space Design 1 – unfolded

At the time I felt okay with this particular spade design so moved on to trying to design a better looking envelope.


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