Exercise: Signs and Symbols Pt.2

I started working on the designs mainly on the computer heading into illustrator to try and create something using the squares of movement I’d cut out from magazines. In hindsight I think it would’ve been better for me to have taken longer/given more thought to sketching designs in pencil first.

I started by working on creating a clipping mask to insert the pictures into text saying ‘movement’:

Movement Logo 1 copy Movement Logo 2


I like the look of these as I think the colour and clipped effect of the images inside the letters adds to the sense of movement. But I think it feels too much like the easy or cheating option to use the word ‘movement’ to reference the concept of movement. It doesn’t really feel like an alternative sign.

I showed my husband the designs I’d created and he felt like I needed to go back to simpler images maybe a logo of sorts rather than using letters to show the concept. So I went back to my sketchbook and drew some simple little ideas to see if I could come up with a different avenue for the design:

Movement sketches

I liked the idea of almost a cork screw/spiral shape as a symbol for movement as obviously this links to visual ideas like the hurricane or storms which have extreme amounts of movement. I tried to create a shape in Illustrator drawing over my sketch of the spiral shape.

But I wasn’t happy that I was creating a fluid/developed enough shape, it looked fairly childish and that wasn’t what I wanted. Using a spiral with curved lines also felt like creating a sign which linked to closely to existing images of movement. I wanted to create a shape that used lines that were an alternative so thought maybe something that was more geometric in nature might work.

I came across an online tutorial to create a logo which inspired me to create the final logo. You can see the tutorial here:


In the tutorial he creates a ribbon shaped logo out of rectangles arranged upright, almost in an concertina fashion. My thought was to use some curved rectangles on their sides to draw the eye downwards and create a sense of movement.

In the image below you can see the basic frame work (the second almost lollipop shaped spiral).


Movement symbols-logo skeleton

I wasn’t 100% happy with the basic framework but it was better than anything I’d thought of so I decided to think about adding colour to the basic shapes. I thought that a bright, rainbow like colour would be fitting as there’s often a lot of colour in images displaying movement. But I wanted to use blended colour rather than just flat colour so I took a bit of time learning how to use the gradient tool and the result is the image below. It’s not perfect but I think it does offer a different perhaps more restrained logo like take on the concept of movement:


Movement symbols-logo







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