Exercise: Point of sale display – the brief

Analyzing the brief

What am I being asked to do?

Create a ‘point of sale display’ to go above the fruit and vegetables in my local green grocers shop. The final size of the display will be 2 X A1 Landscape ( so I need to design smaller but with the ability to enlarge it in mind).

Method/How – I am allowed to either work with photograph’s, create illustrations or use both to produce two images one of fruit the other of vegetables. I can use individual fruits/veg or cut up/segments or all of the above.

I need to identifying any wording and make sure – its visible from far away & attracts attention.

How will the client judge a successful outcome to the brief?

Display must be visible from street – clear and dynamic.

Will be judged on how attractive/eye catching it is as it needs to draw customers in. Will judge whether or not it makes their product look attractive – does it look edible , delicious etc.

Does appeal to their audience?

What are the key words?

wording of the sign needs to be – ‘clear and dynamic

Ask myself – Does this look edible? Would I like to eat it?

Posters will be seen from a distance ‘so visuals need to be clear and dynamic

I need to be ‘especially conscious about the way I use colour to describe tone, shadow and surface marks‘ – poor choices can make food look unappealing, moldy etc


“The shop is in a small precinct which also houses a baker, a newsagent, an independent shop and is on route to and from a well respected primary school.”

What I think of as the audience is: likely middle class, parents, mostly mums/women , people who are interested in more craft/artisan objects.

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