Exercise Book Cover Design: The war of the Worlds pt.2

Looking at the penguin blog and Pinterest I found images that were more in the category of ‘classic’ design and then pinned these onto a board to help me with new designs.


I was mostly inspired by the images I mentioned in my last post and felt like I could create a overall theme for all the books if all the covers had a central shape that was a silhouette against a patterned background.

The War of the Worlds - 3rd Cover design

The War of the Worlds – 3rd Cover design

The central shape is based on the description in the story of the martian’s tripod machines. Whilst the background pattern is based on the red weeds the martians brought to the earth in the story. I thought it was a nice touch to have these creeping into the cover over the book spine. The design looks quite effective in colour.

IMG_1473IMG_1474I think this is much more classic feeling, and whilst it’s not a master piece or something which required lots of skill I think it does have a stunning element. And it clearly represents themes within the book.

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