‘Create’ Part 3

I scrawled a few ideas down on a piece of paper which led to my next and final background idea for the postcard.

Create Process page


I’d written about using symbols around the letters to represent how you should create the letters, so for example, if you drew round in cutting lines, you’d know to cut the letters out, that would be your form of creativity.

I liked this idea,so I used the cutting lines to form an edge around the lettering and placed them onto a background which I’d roughly applied strokes of watercolor paint to.

Final Design Image

Final Design Image

I also added in pencil guidelines to the background, to add a feeling of the image just having been created with thought and boundary’s.

Whilst I think the image could look sharper (if I knew how to use software to change it!) i like the overall look. i think the little cutting line edge helps the letters to sit well on the page whilst defining their shape.

I think it does a good job of communicating my love for creativity in lots of forms, but also a love of order and structure, it’s cohesive not random as an image.

Any thoughts?






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