Commit/Commitment: part 7

Before I mention the designs I produced in InDesign it’s worth me mentioning I came up with another design for the postcard using a ribbon with the lettering on it as well as the knot with lettering. Just simply because this reflected the coffee packaging more than the knot did.

Commitment Blend - Ribbon based design

Commitment Blend – Ribbon based design

Now to talk about my process with InDesign and Illustrator.

Here’s the end results:

Christy Archer_511848_Assigment One_Commitment v.1 Christy Archer_511848_Assignment One_Commitment v.2I wanted to try two designs, one focusing on a knot illustration to represent the commitment of Marriage (‘tying the knot’) the other being a more simple design with a ribbon, looking more aesthetically pleasing.

I had a bit of trouble thinking of what colour palette to use, i didn’t want to use random colours, or make it too dark looking. I took inspiration from the colour palettes available from a site called Design Seeds (

I chose this colour palette to work to as it had a sense of celebration and joy to it.

Sprinkled Hues Design seed


When I first created the designs I hadn’t included anything to mention celebrating commitment, and I felt this was missing so I added in a little phrase at the bottom of the designs. It says “Helping you celebrate commitment since 1990′. Often lots of products are marketed with a year of origin so I thought this might be a fun touch.

Overall I’m happy with the two different designs. I would’ve liked to have actually placed them onto coffee packaging an then had the image of the whole coffee package as the postcard design. But i wasn’t skilled enough in In-design/Illustrator to achieve this in a way that didn’t look really messy.

Other than that I think the designs really portray my sense of celebrating commitment not just seeing it as ‘hard work’. And I like that it’s based on an element of Graphic design that I love, packaging.

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