Collaborate Part 3 – Choosing a background

I knew I wanted a background that had an element of Collaboration in it’s making so that the word Collaborate was reinforced by the image it sat on. I remembered that in my initial thoughts I’d mentioned a phrase about collaboration saying

“things are of greater value when others finger prints are on it”

So it occurred to me that I could create a background literally made from people dipping their fingers in inks pads and pressing them onto the paper around the lettering. So I got a couple of friends to lend me their fingers and help me print the background.

Here’s the first version whilst it was being made:

Background in the making

Background in the making

I’d chosen a dark blue, light blue and Gold ink for the image as I felt these would give a more subtle/complementary feel to the words, and would still have a sense of joy/fun. I think this has worked well, although on second thoughts a multicolored ink approach could also have worked well, given it more of an uplifted feel.

I then began to fill in the outline of the lettering and 3D edge with a black fine felt tip pen. See Below:

Collaborate with Black Outline

Collaborate with Black Outline

I found that I didn’t like the black pen outline, I think it looks much to dominant and dark. it doesn’t sit comfortably against the light/almost petal light backdrop, so I thought of a few other things to try:

Process page

Process page from Sketchbook

1. Getting friends kids to do the finger prints (for fun)

2. Taking photo’s of the finger printing process and using that to make the final image.

3. Changing the color of the font and using a more soft subtle medium – blue ink.

In the interests of time  and my limited photography skills I decided just to try the third idea, and it produced a final image that I’m happy to use as a postcard:

Final Image

Final Image



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