Collaborate Part 1

I began my research by searching the word Collaboration in Pinterest.

I found two images of interest:

1. Collaborate by Carys Williams

Collaborate by carys Williams


I liked this image because it fits alongside that phrase I had about things being of value when others fingers prints are on it. I see the speech bubble with all the different squares of color standing for all the different people inputting, and together they make this one idea, or thing.

I’m not a major fan of the colors or font, but otherwise I like the design. I couldn’t find out much about the artist as they didn’t have a profile on the site i found the work on, but here’s a link to the site.

2. Collaborate Print by Jon Calleja


I really like the way he’s created this type, he’s not used harsh lines, but it still stands out because of the sense of it being 3D, or at least that’s how I see it.

Not sure that it communicated collaboration, maybe there’s a story behind it, I couldn’t seem to find that out!

Jon is an illustrator by trade, check out –


Part 2 next….






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