Assignment Two: Thinking of You – The Brief

The Brief:

“Create a range of cards for sentiments or events that are worthy of a greetings card, but are currently not catered for by card manufacturers. The cards could be linked to other calendar events, obscure saints days, sporting calendars or anything else that is worth celebrating or commiserating.”

“You may with to explore some of life’s other landmarks that currently don’t feature in greetings cards, like getting your first grey hairs, being released from prison or any other personal landmark someone might want to share.”

What do I need to produce:

Need to: “design the cover of your card and the message inside”.

Can: “Include the envelop within your design work as well as exploring the possibility of pop-ups or other forms of cards”.

Need to: have “at least three finished cards”

Can: “be unrelated or work as a series linked to the same sentiment”.

Advice: base dimension on an envelop you have available to you.


Creating something “not catered for by card manufacturers”.

“landmarks..personal landmark someone might want to share”.

“sentiments or events”.

Communication issues/ design problems:

Broadness of the brief – it’s a very open brief which you could spend a long time deciding what avenue of cards to create.

“personal landmark” – landmarks are different for individual people’s/cultures – would it be easier to just try and think of things I think are landmarks and just hope others do too?

Calendar events: How do I find unusual but still ‘worthy’ calendar events?





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