Assignment 3: Colour Me – Designs

I began creating designs for the assignment in photoshop as I’d grown more comfortable using it throughout this part of the module. My starting place was around the image of the space hopper going for that ‘retro’ feel.

'Colour Me' v.1

‘Colour Me’ v.1

I tried to create a retro feel with the texture of the background (if you look closely there’s lots of little dots) and with the central image of the space hopper. I think the blue circle behind the space hopper works well to draw the eye in but the blue text is overpowered by the orange background.

I wanted to try playing around with this format so I carried on making different variations:

'Colour Me' v.2

‘Colour Me’ v.2

In the version above the white text is much clearer and dramatic. But I wasn’t happy with the type of font I’d used. It seems to detract from the retro feel as it reminds me of the circus or neon signs which is quite a specific connotation. I tried again but changed the font:

'Colour Me' v.3

‘Colour Me’ v.3

I much prefer the font in the version above, it says retro to me. But it looks a little too small and lost in the orange backdrop. I wasn’t satisfied with this design as it felt quite sparse and only offered one perspective on the colour orange. So I thought I’d try going in a different direction with an alternative design:

'Colour Me' v.4

‘Colour Me’ v.4

The thinking behind the image above was to try and include multiple perspectives on the colour orange by showing some associations through the words/images. I tried to create a rustic/warm feeling with the orange background and texture scratches. However I didn’t think the letters were quite the right scale (too small) and felt the orange background was too dominant.

'Colour Me' v.5

‘Colour Me’ v.5

I tried adding in the word ‘I am’ to the start of the list of adjectives around orange to invite people to think about who or what the words were describing.  I think that adding it does help the viewer understand what’s going on more clearly. I wanted to try the text against a more subtle background so found an image of old paper. I’m not sure it works particularly well against the white as some of the words start to lose visibility. I attempted to rectify this by making the text all caps:

'Colour Me' v.6

‘Colour Me’ v.6

I found that whilst it made the words bolder it didn’t help clarify the words ‘foxy’ and ‘rusty’. So I tried changing the background again but this time to blue to see if a contrasting colour lifted things:

'Colour Me' v.7

‘Colour Me’ v.7

I’m unsure of whether or not this makes the image too busy as everything seems to be fighting for attention. Some of the letters seem clearer but having the blue I think detracts from some the warmth and natural fee I wanted to convey.

This seemed like a good point to try another alternative design. I decided to try and use the space hopper again but with a twist. I found a quote about Orange on pinterest and felt it summed up people’s good associations with the colour orange:

orange is the happiest colour


I  then opened the image of the space hopper in Illustrator and traced round it (fairly roughly) to create a similar block colour shape. I then added some texture on another layer and then the Frank Sinatra quote to create this:

Illustrator Space Hopper Reinvention

Illustrator Space Hopper Reinvention

I wanted to incorporate the earthy and the retro quite visually and thought that I’d try overlaying the space hopper shape onto a photo I’d taken of the orange leaves in the park. As the photo I’d taken originally had some other colours in it that weren’t in specifications I made a few adjustments in photoshop first.

From this:

Autumn at War Memorial Park 1

Autumn at War Memorial Park 1

To this:

Autumn at WarMemorial Park 1 copy

I then overlay the image of the space hopper and with a little tweaking had this result:


'Colour Me' v.8

‘Colour Me’ v.8

I think it’s a good result with all the elements sitting alongside each other. I think the white text adds some contrast and draws you in to the theme of the poster. I was a little concerned though that there wasn’t enough contrast so tried out a similar method with a few changes:


'Colour Me' v.9

‘Colour Me’ v.9

I chose to use a photo which had a large amount of the complementary colour blue but also a nod to nature again with the orange leaves. I think the contrast between the blue and orange here is good but am concerned the space hopper might be hard to see. I do like the look though.

I tried one last design:

'Colour Me' v.10

‘Colour Me’ v.10

This design was just for fun really, I liked the retro dots so made them blue to add contrast. The drop shadow was just to try it, and it adds a nice depth.

I think my final choice for assignment poster is this design:

'Colour Me' v.8

‘Colour Me’ v.8

It’s not perfect, there’s no use of that contrasting blue but I think the space hopper sits well inside the photo. Maybe it’s because there’s a path in the image so it’s easier to picture the space hopper being used and the fun involved. I think the text works well to add meaning for the viewer and also looks playful/is visible as its white! I’m sure it could be worked on further but I’m happy to leave it there for now and see what comments I get from my tutor.


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