Old art work re-purposed

I found a couple of just bigger than A5 canvases that I’d painted on when I was studying Art for my A-levels. Now for the sake of being honest I was a very different person then and created very different art. I’d kept the paintings but wasn’t happy enough with them to let them go on display in my house.

In the process of thinking about what to do with them I was looking through some wallpaper rolls I’d brought discounted from Laura Ashley. Putting two and two together I decided to cover the paintings up using the wallpaper.

Here’s some photo’s showing the results:

Stapling the wallpaper to the back of the canvas.

Stapling the wallpaper to the back of the canvas.

I own a staple gun so this seemed like the obvious simple choice for fixing the wallpaper onto the canvas. This actually works pretty well and saves the original artwork from being damaged it’s simply covered.

I decided I wanted the paper to sit a bit more neatly around the frame so folded over ad stapled in any extended flaps, like so…

Neat stapling

Neat stapling

And this is how the print looks from the front…

front view of covered canvas

Front view of covered canvas

I then repeated the process with the second canvas and a different patterned wallpaper. See the photo below:


Not to sure where to hang them yet, but maybe I’ll take some photo’s and write about it once they’ve got a home!


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