Alternative Bunting

I know traditional bunting can look beautiful but sometimes you just need something a little different. I’d seen examples of different approaches to bunting on Pinterest and here’s a couple that I decided to give a try…

rectangle bunting

Rectangle bunting

It’s quite hard to decide what to call this bunting. it’s not strictly a rectangle as there’s a triangle cut out from the middle! Anyhow the fabric I used for the bunting was old scraps from a upholstery fabric sample book my mum gave me a few years back.

I cut off the sides of the fabric (where the glue had been) and cut out a central-ish triangle using pinking sheers. I then folded the top edge over about a half inch and pinned the pieces to some string. Once the pins were on I began sewing the bunting to the string, leaving the ends open so the bunting could be moved/re-arranged.

I’m fairly pleased with the results, they’re not a masterpiece but it seems a good way to much use of the fabric. I’d been wanting to find a use for these scraps for awhile and felt the colours were too lovely to sit in a box forever.

Full view

Full view

Cropped view

Cropped view

With the sides I’d cut away from the original fabric scraps I created another kind of bunting. The inspiration for this came from a friend of mine who create the same type of bunting for a friends wedding using ribbon.

it’s really simple – I just tied the cut off lengths round the string:

close-up of tie bunting

Close-up of tie bunting

side section of bunting

Side section of bunting

Full length of bunting

Full length of bunting


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