Planning: Art Gallery/Exhibition Visits 2016

One of the things I wanted to improve following my first assignment (and in general) was how much exposure I had to contemporary art. I visited the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham to see Fiona Banner’s Scroll down and Keep Scrolling, in November and haven’t been to any exhibition’s since.

I wanted to take a more planned approach to see if that would help me increase my visiting of places. So I’m going to make a note of exhibitions I’d like to visit and try and plan in when to do so. I will factor in things like travel, cost, my interest levels (and health) in deciding what to visit and when.

Illustrator Johnny Hannah at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park 14/11/2015-28/2/2016:

I am familiar with the work of Johnny Hannah through the collective St.Jude’s Prints. Johnny Hannah seems to be influenced by folk art in his style. I want to see his exhibition ‘Main Street’ at the Yorkshire Sculpture park, partly because I’ve never seen his work up close, outside of on a screen. I like the concept that you can take a stroll down a street with shop fronts or logo’s all designed by the one person but also unique, the website describes the exhibit as a “vintage inspired homage to the independent trader”.

Kaws at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park 6/2/2016- 12/06/2016:

I wasn’t familiar with the work of American  Artist Kaws until I saw a clip on the BBC news app talking about his exhibition at the Park. He’s created these giant cartoon figures which loom obscurely against the backdrop of the Yorkshire Countryside. Having grown up with pop culture, I think it would be really interesting to see these characters or shapes we associate with the screen as actual solid giant figures in our world.

I’m also intrigued to see how he’s moved from the medium of graffiti into a variety of mediums, such as painting, screen printing and sculpture.

Tate Britain Exhibition: Vanilla and Concrete 9/11/2015-19/06/2016:

This exhibition features a series of upcoming artists, “Marie Lund, Rallou Panagiotou and Mary Ramsden who use painting and sculpture to give new meanings to the everyday.” I’ve not seen the work of these artists before but was drawn by the concept of giving new meaning to the mundane. I’m interested to see how/if they’ve altered our perception of everyday life.

London Print Studio: Enchanted Page Friends 28/01/2016 – 2/04/2016:

I’m not sure if I will manage to see this exhibition but it seems fun. It’s focuses on well known children’s book illustrations and tries to bring them to life in an interactive way. Although aimed a children it also suggests it should appeal to those interested in illustration, which is where I come in!

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum: Grayson Perry The Vanity of Small Differences – 22/04/2016-3/07/2016

The Herbert is my local gallery, based in Coventry. It’s exciting to see that they will be displaying this series of modern day tapestry’s by Grayson Perry. I’m not entirely sure I like Perry’s work, but I want to take the opportunity to see it up close and personal before I make any decision on whether I enjoy it or not.  I think it’s also going to be good to see how he’s used a medium which is so often associated with the past or stately homes etc.

So I’ve looked at my calendar and put in a few different ideas for dates to visit some of the exhibitions:

Visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park: 19th February

Visit Tate Britain& London Print Studio: 18th March

Visit Herbert: 27th April


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