Exercise 2: Collage examples from Artist Lynn Giunta

In the previous exercise I researched some Artists who worked with photomontage or collage for a more political or social commentary. Whilst I think Art that challenges or causes us to question decision makers or inequalities is good and often necessary sometimes it’s good to see a more positive perspective.

Whilst researching collage I came across the blog of Hallmark studios, think.make.share, which is full of lots of examples of hallmark artists doing workshops to inspire their creativity. I personally find the sight really exciting and love seeing the different approaches to creativity.

Searching through the blog I came across the work of Hallmark Artist, Lynn Giunta, who specialising in creating through collages. She led a session on creating paper cut collages for the Hallmark Artists which was written about on the blog. There is also an artist spotlight piece on her work. A simple video about her process is below:

Her work is vastly different to that of Hannah Hoch or Martha Rosler, and is also for commercial means (i.e. cards to be sold). But I enjoy her more free and organic approach, and the use of colours and textures. Her work has a liveliness to it, and is uplifting. Really I just wanted to make a note of her work as an example of collage that I preferred personally.

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