Exercise 2: 24 Hours of reading, listening, watching, seeing

For this exercise we were asked to compile lists of everything we’d seen, heard or written in the last 24 hours. It seemed simple until I realised I actually consume so much information in a day that it becomes difficult to precisely record or track what exactly I’ve seen or head.

I made a couple of rough sketches as a way of capture these lists:

reading diagram








written diagram








Heard or seen diagram








I was also encouraged to consider this question; How much of what you’ve read (or written or seen or heard) would you consider to be ‘art’? What makes writing art? How do you personally define a creative or artistic piece of writing?

I probably only consider a few things I’ve read to be art, mainly because most of what I read was either texts, or emails, news stories or blog posts. Perhaps the blog posts could be art, in the sense that they weren’t all factual, some contained stories, but it’s hard to describe journalism as art.

But I would consider a lot of what I heard or saw to be art – for instance the TV series ‘Cities of Gold’ is a fictional animated tale about the search for lost cities filled with treasure. Music listened to – an art form in itself, stories being told through music, lyrics, mood, dynamics etc.

I guess the question I find myself asking is can something be art if it wasn’t originally intended to be? Can something be art without an artist to define it as such? I think context matters and delivery in helping to decide if something is art. I see no problem in defining a text message as art when it’s displayed in a gallery or in a book of modern poetry but I do have a problem in defining a text with a list of groceries from my husband for a shopping list as art.

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