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MovedbyBreath Art Exhibition & Sale November 2016

I thought now would be a good time to reflect on a significant milestone for my small printmaking/illustration business. In November some friends opened their home up to host a small exhibition and sale of my work so far. For me it was an opportunity to mark the end of my first year of studies with the OCA and push myself to become more comfortable with sharing my work with a wider audience.

Here I simply want to share some of my thoughts alongside photos captured on the day by a friend, Matthew Wendzina.

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Course Reading: Photography Texts

As a part of learning from and improving upon my tutors feedback from Assignment 3 I’m starting a series of ongoing posts with thoughts/comments on my course reading. I read the first chapter of, Photography: A concise History, by Ian Jeffrey & On Photography by Susan Sontag today.

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Home Made Wild Berry Jellies


This recipe comes from  Sweets Made Simple by Hope & Greenwood. 


Photo of recipe from book ‘Sweets Made Simple’ p.117 by Miss Hope & Mr Greenwood, Published 2014 by BBC Books an imprint of Ebury Publishing.








We’ve made a couple of sweets from this recipe book and they never fail to get excellent results. This particular recipe was probably one of the more simple from the book and is well worth trying if you’re feeling nervous about making sweets at home. The result is a chewy jelly sweet that tastes something like grown up Ribena.

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