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Rethinking the way we see fashion & ourselves – The True Cost

I recently watched a documentary film called The True Cost, it’s insightful, challenging and tragic. It documents the plight of millions of people, just like you and me who work within the garment or clothing industry. It seeks to expand the narrative of the fashion world beyond the glitz and the glamour and lust for clothing, to the grit and dirt and reality of what goes into making garments.

I highly recommend watching the documentary, you may not have even the slightest interest in fashion or trends, but I’m betting you buy and wear clothes!

It got me thinking about my own relationship with fashion/clothing over the years. Growing up my relationship with fashion was somewhat turbulent. In my teen years I saw fashion very much as an outlet for creative expression, it was an platform for displaying my views and perspectives.

I was a pretty rebellious, angry teenager, and clothing was just another way to display my emotions. I thought about what I wore fairly selfishly, it was about me sending a message to other people, usually ‘I don’t care’ or ‘I can do what I want’.

Me aged 13, with my partially shaved hair, and the well loved leopard print leggings...

Me aged 13, with my partially shaved hair, and well loved leopard print leggings…

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